Stacy Makhnevich
Dentist, artist and opera singer


Your One and Only:  As featured "Premier Expert Dentist and Opera Singer". Perfectly placed veneers and restorations that don't interfere with the tonality of the sound. Maximum comfort, optimum strength and perfect vocal quality of the sound. Hearing the difference in vocal sound with various shapes, forms and thickness of anterior restorations is an ability that most musicians obtain with experience in addition to a perfect pitch. Ability to correct and, therefore, provide  the most gorgeous and perfectly placed restorations is an ultimate goal of all clinicians. Being able to do both is a rare talent that makes Stacy Makhnevich a highly sought professional around the globe.

Dental problems can be caused by a variety of wind instruments. The outward air pressure may force itself against the front teeth and interfere with the alignment, causing teeth movement and gum irritation, etc. Extreme pressure put on the lower lip and the teeth because of the weight of the instrument, constant pressure on the jaw (ex violinists) and continuous weight on teeth, that lessen the amount of blood flow into the bone area, are all important factors in the treatment planning process. Dr. Makhnevich's skills in specialized treatments, including dental implant surgeries, as well as her extensive knowledge of the instruments, make her a highly sought dental professional. 

Dr. Makhnevich is the Classical Singer Dentist, a professional who provides high quality dentistry for musicians as well as the general public. A professional opera singer as well as a renowned stomatologist, she combines her extensive training in dentistry with her musical experience to cater to the very delicate needs of musicians, especially wind instruments.

In addition to her extensive adult patients, Dr Makhnevich sees a lot of kids and teenagers who play instruments. Routinely, she plans how much pressure from the instruments interfere with the bone, how long the patient should wait before playing again so that the procedures do not irreversible impact and interfere with the patients’ careers and musicianship.    

Stacy Makhnevich will bring your vision to life. She is skilled at creating a wide range of beautiful dental restorations, including:
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Gum treatments
  • Laser corrections
  • Porcelain bridges
  • and many more.....


To safeguard patients' privacy and confidentiality, names and full portraits have been abridged.